This chart is based on your typical 30 lb thrust system with 1 person in an 8' ft boat.

      (This data is for reference only and your actual performance may vary from the specified data.)

The data is based on the motor set to (Pos 5) using a 12V dc 75AH deep cell battery.

A PWM will not have the same power savings when the speed is set in the (Pos 1-4). The worst speed setting is in (Pos 1), which has approximately 75% or More power loss.

The chart shows the speed and run time of other brands and then the same speed and run time using WTP PWM Models. The data for the 45 lb and 55 lb motors is extrapolated from a 30 lb motor.

Runtime Typical Chart

Without PWM

30 lbs: 8.5 hours

45 lbs: 5.67 hours
55 lbs: 4.6 hours

With PWM

30 lbs: 34 to 42.5 hours
45 lbs: 22.68 to 28.35 hours

55 lb: 18.5 to 23.2 hours

WTP PWM thrust throttle runtime chart.

What you are seeing here means, that with a WTP PWM unit, your tolling time will be 4-5 longer.

Which means you stay out on the water 4 to 5 times longer than your buddy who does not have a WTP PWM system.

12-P wireless AutoRun txt
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