Controllers and PWM power drivers for Trolling Motors

Wireless Trolling Pro product title.

30, 40, 45, or 55 lb’s thrust

Cable and Wireless Controller & PWM systems


  • AutoRun controllers feature on pot (knob).
  • Automatic forward and reverse function.
  • When the knob is turned left it goes into reverse, when the knob is turned right the craft moves forward.

 If you need a simple solution for your trolling. This is the best PWM system to buy.

Handheld controllers

  • Waterproof buttons and Switches.
  • Throttle control 0 to 100% individual steps.
  • On/off, Idle/Run, Fwd/Rev, speed control

Battery management is included for all WTP PWM systems.

Battery management consists of current and Voltage monitoring.

Low voltage shut down technology.

Handheld controllers

Wireless Trolling Pro Catalog title.
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Wireless Trolling Pro