Wireless Trolling Pro Cable Controller Install

WTP blue rudder graphic.

Caution: Set the Trolling Motor to the ‘OFF POSITION’.

Trolling Motor Power cable:

Cut and Trim

  1. Cut the battery clamps off with at least 3” of cable.
  2. Trim and install the '2 MALE' connectors provided in your kit to the ‘Black wire’ and the ‘Black wire with Red stripe’.  Take these with you for emergency power connection in case of PWM failure.
  3. Trim and install the ‘2 Female’ connectors to your Trolling Motor power cable.


  1. Connect the the Trolling Motor ‘black wire’ to the ‘PWM black wire’, and connect the Trolling Motor ‘black wire/Red stripe’ to the ‘PWM Red wire’.
  2. Connect the ‘PWM black wire with the battery ring’ to the ‘NEGATIVE POST’ of your 12V dc battery.
  3. 3. Connect the ' PWM Red wire with the ring' to the ' Circuit Breaker' and then the ‘circuit breaker' to the ‘POSITIVE POST' of your 12V dc battery.

This completes your electrical hook up.

Controller Installation

Download installation instruction Manuals