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Wireless Trolling Pro


Is the Wireless Trolling Pro water tight?

All Wireless Trolling Pro controllers are IPX4 ‘water resistant’. The Switches are sealed and water tight.

How long will the Battery last?

The batteries in these newer units require Lithium batteries. They should last around 5 hours.  See the battery page.

If I change my prop does my thrust change?

Short answer is yes. Purchase your controllers and PWM units accordingly. The thrust in the controller and PWM units is dictated by the components in each unit. A 30 lb thrust controller will not go up to a 40 lb thrust. However, they are backward compatible. So, a  55 lb thrust unit will work with a 30 lb thrust trolling motor. Just make sure to match the circuit breaker with the amperage of the prop on your trolling motor.

What is the best installation?

Follow the installation instructions as close as you can. The installation should provide the best protection for your system.

What are the safety features in the WTP?

The radio has a limited range of under 30 meters distance, The RF controller sends out a signal to the receiver. If the RF controller fails, or is out of range, the receiver will automatically shut down and return to the Idle Mode after about 2 seconds. When installing ensure that there is no metal  between the transmitter and receiver. Battery counts as a metal device.

Wireless Trolling Pro Frequently asked Questions

WTP blue rudder graphic.

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