Cable Trolling Pro Cable Controllers for Single Motors

WTP blue rudder graphic.
Pot Switch cable controller
  • Pot-Switch
  • Variable speed control-(Pot) with dial display.
  • On/Off, Idle/Run, Fwd/Rev controls and Switch settings.

Cable Pot Switch

AutoRun 12-P cable controller
  • Pot-auto Run FWD/Rev
  • Variable speed control
  • Auto detect forward and reverse control.

Cable AutoRun

Cable Controller & PWM systems

12-P wireless AutoRun txt

All cable controllers have 6 ft of cable

30   40   45   or 55 lb’s thrust

Motor Mount or Transom Mount

Electric Trolling Motors

You do not need batteries with the cable controllers.

The power for the cable units comes from the 12v battery via a 6 ft cable.

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Wireless Trolling Pro