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Wireless Trolling Pro


Battery Specifications

WTP blue rudder graphic.

Wireless Trolling Pro wireless controllers use 2 coin batteries.

  • What type of battery do I use:
  • Coin LIR-2032 Re-chargeable
  • Battery is 3.6 volts
  • Non-Rechargeable Coin Batteries:
  • Long lasting CR-2025 3v DC will give you 15 - 20 hrs runtime.
  • Longer lasting is a CR-2232 3v DC will last between 25-35 hours Runtime.


 Batteries Charger :

  • Any coin type battery charger will work as long as it can handle 3.6 volts.
  • One charger that comes to mind is the Model SE-2032. But really any charger will work.
Wireless Trolling Pro WTP12R-3S LCD Pot Switch cable controller specification.

Wireless Controllers